Snoozy and Friends

The fictitious Amish Snoozy Leid is a composite of all Del’s plain cousins rolled into one. Snoozy is always anxious to share everything that goes on in Noodle Doosie, the region of Lancaster County where Del grew up in. Snoozy performs with his friends in the neighborhood including the mysterious Huck, who doesn’t quite look Lancaster County at all, and Steve Stoner the next-door neighbor who grows questionable agriculture. They and many other guests join Snoozy in this lighthearted show of comedy and truth. Script tailored with your audience in mind.

Special Message From Snoozy Leid

Snoozy and Del

Creator: Clinton Detweiler

Huck and Del

Creator: Mary Ann Taylor

The Buzzard Gang with Abe Buzzard

During the late 1800’s the most famous gang of the East- the Buzzard’s- terrorized from Pennsylvania to Nebraska. Journey through time in the true life adventures and misadventures of the Buzzards; featuring the true life stories of the notorious late 1800’s Buzzard Brothers outlaw gang.

Charismatic ring leader Abe Buzzard, working with his accomplices, devises schemes for the gang. As the best known and affable of the Buzzards, Abe is dangerous, but is also loved by judges and lawmen alike when confined. He moonlights as an Evangelist between prison stays, often charging a quarter a head to spectators who hear his teary sermon “Ruin and Reformation of an Outlaw.”

Special message from Abe Buzzard

The Genesis of Time

Based on the written Word of the Book of Genesis, and other Biblical passages; also using other recorded historical writings through the ages of dinosaurs, dragons, flying giant birds and serpents. Del uses many of his cast of puppets including the popular Deano the Dino, Levi Levithan the friendly dragon, and the absent minded Professor Josef Von Slinkenheimer, to add a humorous touch to this teaching on the marvels of God’s Creation.

Del and Pterodactyl

Creator: Steve Axtell