Prison Seminar (Totally Prison)

Totally Prison is a seminar that can be conducted at your location, and is taught by Del Burkholder, Delmar Weaver, Nelson Martin and other veteran prison ministers and chaplains. It is a combined effort between Streams of Life Prison Ministries, and Support For Prison Ministries, and other well established prison ministries. Have you ever considered a career in prison ministry? What is it like in prison? What is church like in prison? These are a few of the questions that are addressed in the seminar. Seminars will be constructed to your time schedule. Below are a few of the Topics we will address.

The Prison Church
The Gospel and Prison Ministry
The Prison Mind
The U.S Prison Problem
The Do’s and Dont’s of Prison Ministry
Out of Prison now what’s Next?

Question & Answers will accompany each session.
Special Guest Teachers used Regularly.

Spiritual Warfare

Based on Del Burkholder’s popular study guide Soldiers of the Cross, A Lesson on Spiritual Warfare.


Bible Prophecy Seminar or Teachings Based in Revelation Are Available:

Hundred and Forty- Four Thousand Witnesses
Life in the New Jerusalem
Mystery Babylon
New Heaven and a New Earth
Rapture of the Church
Second Coming
Seventy Weeks
Seven Churches
Two Witnesses

Leadership & Mentorship