Del Burkholder preaching in India March 2006

Del Burkholder preaching in India March 2006)

Del Burkholder was born into a Christian home on May 19, 1960. After following a path of sinful disobedience to God, Del rededicated his life to Jesus Christ in 1986 at the age of 26. From that point, Del went on a journey of studying the Word of God with fervor. He eventually obtained an Adult Bible Studies degree from Moody Bible Institute.

The Holy Spirit drew Del to a spiritual discernment ministry as he began studying cults and other religions and how they differed from Christianity. In 1991 he began lecturing in churches, exposing existing cults.

Del began working with the youth in his home church, Hinkletown Church in New Holland, Pennsylvania, teaching Sunday school and Bible studies. He was also a popular youth speaker to various groups in the Lancaster County area speaking at Bible schools, Bible studies, youth retreats and youth rallies.

In the summer of 2001, Mike Wenger asked Del if he would help him form a non-confrontational Bible Study for unsaved youth who had been gathering in a local church parking lot. This ministry, TNT, has become one of the largest and most successful youth ministries in Pennsylvania.

In June of 2002, Del began preaching and teaching in the state correctional system throughout Pennsylvania. This ministry has developed into Streams of Life Prison Ministries.

Throughout his ministry, Del has been invited to conduct revival meetings in churches of many different denominations. Del has also held crusades and Pastor’s Conferences overseas.

Del wrote a book about Spiritual Warfare entitled “Soldiers of the Cross” which became available in 2010. After 2 years and 3 printings, it continues to teach people from all walks of life, including many inmates.

The Lighter Side of Del: Ventriloquist Act began after Del graduated from Maher School of Ventriloquism in Littleton, Colorado. Any of the unique characters – Abe Buzzard, Amishman Snoozy, Deano the Dino, or Levi Leviathan – may show up during one of Del’s shows to help you laugh and learn about Jesus Christ.

Del resides in the Ephrata area with his wife Tammy.

If you are a member of Facebook, you can follow Del or other ministry happenings with his daily blog updates on his Facebook page.

Now Available:

“Soldiers of the Cross” study guide
A Spiritual Warfare Teaching Series by Del Burkholder